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Put your vehicle in the same search engine as all the dealers as this site. Many people enjoy looking at private seller vehicles just for fun!


The fast, free and easy way to find your next vehicle and save money while doing it.

Saves you time -- no more driving from lot to lot searching for the best deal. You can simply go view the vehicles that interest you the most.

Saves you money -- the dealers know you're POWERSHOPPING and respond with aggressive pricing. They know they have to be competitive to earn your business!

Here's how easy it is to POWERSHOP:

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It's one more way you can use the automall to stay on top of your automotive search. It's simple and easy to use, too! If you can't quite find what you're looking for or you just want to be notified when a particular car or truck meeting your search criteria is added to the Carbase.com, simply use Auto Notify and let us do the work. When a vehicle matching your search criteria is added, we will notify you by email. Now, isn't that easy?


Save cars you like for later. Pretty simple. Lets you move from device to device and keep your favorites handy.